Work with experience.

Whether you’re launching a proposed construction project or acquisition, managing a thriving manufacturing process, or decommissioning an outdated facility, Foth is your one-stop partner for comprehensive environmental compliance and health and safety expertise.

Our team members have the resources, insider knowledge and first-hand industry experience you need to manage daily compliance challenges whether it involves air, water, waste, wastewater, health and safety, construction or new installations. We work closely with our  clients to become a seamless extension of your internal teams, strategically managing all your environmental, health and safety, and homeland security compliance issues, allowing your staff to stay focused on their core competencies. When things don’t go your way, our team also holds a proven track record in environmental litigation support services while working for numerous large and small law firms across our nation.

We specialize in:

  • New facility due diligence and permitting
  • Environmental compliance reporting and data management
  • Environmental health and safety assessments
  • Manufacturing installation permit modifications
  • By-product reuse and assorted waste management
  • Facility expense assessments and cost improvements
  • Manufacturing facility decommissioning and deactivation
  • Environmental litigation support services

Foth’s environmental and safety compliance team works regularly in the food and beverage and heavy industry markets, and works seamlessly with the firm’s other core services, including mining, solid waste planning, water resources management, and remediation and restoration.