Helping You Thrive

Foth helps public agencies—cities, counties, states and regional governments—plan, permit, design, construct, operate, close and provide long-term care for solid waste management projects and facilities. Our expertise covers all aspects of integrated solid waste management:

    • Collection
    • Recycling
    • Composting
    • Processing
    • Energy recovery
    • Disposal
    • Environmental monitoring
    • Regulatory compliance reporting


Public agencies are challenged to be cost-effective while providing superior service and sustainable solutions. Foth takes pride in helping public solid waste agencies understand critical industry issues, align their goals and objectives, select the best strategy to meet their needs, and thrive. We feel honored to serve as an extension of their teams.

That teamwork is part of our philosophy, and our clients say it’s different from what they have experienced with other engineering companies. We understand that good solutions involve more than good engineering, because each client’s situation and needs are different. We develop the most cost-effective and leading-edge solutions when we listen to our clients and apply our experience to their unique needs.