Burnett County is located in northwest Wisconsin on the St. Croix River and prides itself on its “Northwoods” character. This includes multiple State Wildlife Areas including Crex Meadows, a vast array of lakes and rivers, and an abundance of scenic wooded land. Coordinated local and county planning was required to ensure the preservation of the county’s atmosphere and setting while managing future growth. Foth developed the Burnett County Comprehensive Plan in accordance with Wisconsin’s Comprehensive Planning Law. The Plan included development and adoption of sub comprehensive plans with thirteen (13) local communities as well consisting of the villages of Grantsburg and Webster and the towns of Anderson, Daniels, Dewey, Jackson, Oakland, Sand Lake, Siren, Trade Lake, Union, Webb Lake, and Wood River.


Foth provided a flexible method that allowed a single planning process while allowing each community to work at its own pace. Multiple tools for public and stakeholder involvement were utilized including various survey and nominal group public hearing techniques. The overall process allowed each community to create a locally crafted plan while maintaining a coherent vision for the future of the county as a whole.


The successful process created a unified county-wide planning framework while allowing each community an independent vision. The shared effort allowed the production of comprehensive plans for fourteen (14) entities at a fraction of the cost of individual projects. Burnett County and the participating local communities continue to utilize the recommendations and implementation strategies that evolved from the comprehensive planning process today. For more information, and to view the final products, please visit