A thriving and growing community, the Village of Mahomet was fast approaching the point where its ability to supply water to its residents would be exceeded by the demand. The water treatment facility was reaching its design capacity and the need for water softening was becoming critical.


Foth’s design included the addition of two new 600 GPM package iron removal units for aeration, detention and filtration. Four new 9-foot diameter ion exchange softeners were added, as well as a new softener building. Additional features included new high-service pumps, chemical feed systems, and upgraded electrical service and emergency power systems.


The municipal water treatment plant improvements designed by Foth tripled the capacity of the previous plant from 600 GPM to 1800 GPM, and provided the needed softening treatment. Plant operation was automated, and remote monitoring capabilities were added. Despite a congested site that allowed little room for expansion, an uninterrupted potable water supply was maintained throughout construction.