The Village of Windsor has identified an aging area for redevelopment known as “Old Windsor” located along Windsor Road between the Yahara River Bridge on the west and North Towne Road on the east. Foth assisted the Village in attaining a Dane County BUILD grant for a new Revitalization Plan for this area in order to pursue multimodal transportation options, a land use pattern appropriate to a village center, redevelop opportunities for strategic investments, and initiatives to improve the immediate local economy and property values.


Foth is currently utilizing a transparent planning process in order for Windsor to reach their goals consisting of an inventory of existing conditions, identification of properties susceptible to change, community workshops, ongoing Community Development Authority meetings, a redevelopment alternatives analysis, and feasible implementation strategies. The process explores community beautification and streetscaping as well as alternative financing methods (grants, loans, tax increment financing). A variety of future conceptual designs for the identified redevelopment sites are provided for the community to facilitate and implement appropriate zoning and land use updates.


The Windsor Road Revitalization Plan is currently ongoing. In all, the future adopted plan will ultimately fulfill a variety of goals for the community including the following:
• Create new and unique fiscally-minded redevelopment opportunities
• Locate community services, shopping, jobs and residential in close proximity
• Stabilize and enhance the existing neighborhoods and old downtown
• Improve the lives of those in the immediate area and surrounding community
• Provide viable options to auto trips by supporting multi-modal transportation