Benefits Enrollment

2023 Benefits Enrollment

Monday, October 31 – Monday, November 14

All U.S. full- and part-time members ARE REQUIRED to complete the annual benefits enrollment process in Dayforce, even if you are not a current Foth health plan participant. During enrollment you will verify your personal information is accurate, validate dependents and beneficiaries are listed correctly, and will opt in or out of benefits as appropriate.

During the annual enrollment period, enrollment in Foth’s medical plan is open to all current Foth medical participants, eligible Foth members, and eligible dependent child(ren).  Enrollment in the medical plan is closed to spouses/domestic partners who are not current Foth medical participants, unless date of enrollment is within 30 days of a qualifying event. Contact benefits@Foth.com to inquire on qualifying events.

Watch the Benefits Enrollment Presentation

The Benefits Enrollment presentation includes information about upcoming changes, a number of benefit reminders, and enrollment instructions.

You can either watch the pre-recorded video below (42 minutes long) or attend a live meeting. Spouses are welcome to watch as well.

The live meeting schedule is as follows (calendar invites were sent in late September and early October):

    • Teams (all Foth) or Green Bay TR-A on October 31 at 12 p.m. CT
    • Des Moines on November 1 at 1 p.m. CT
    • Cedar Rapids on November 2 at 11 a.m. CT

Review 2023 Benefit Updates

These changes are reviewed in greater detail in the Benefits Enrollment Presentation. 

Part-Time Paid Time-off (PTO): Great news! Starting in 2023, regular part-time members will be eligible for PTO and Purchase Time-off.  The PTO schedule will be half of the current regular full-time accrual schedule.  Purchase TO will be available for regular part-time members, up to 40 hours a year (currently 80 for regular full-time members).

PTO Years* Regular Full-time Members Regular Part-time Members
1-6 120 hours/year
(2.3o hours accrued/week)
60 hours/year
(1.15 hours accrued/week)
7-13  144 hours/year
(2.77 hours accrued/week)
72 hours/year
(1.38 hours accrued/week)
14+ 184 hours/year
(3.54 hours accrued/week)
92 hours/year
(1.78 hours accrued/week)
Annual Carryover Limit 184 92

*Foth Years of Service + Credit Years (if exempt, 1/2 year of credit per full year of prior experience)

Paid Parental Leave: Great news! Starting in 2023, members will be eligible for up to 5 days of paid time off for birth or adoption of a child. This benefit is coordinated with any available paid state/local family leaves. To request a leave or to learn more about state paid leave, FMLA, or Foth’s disability benefits, visit Leaves/Disability/Time Off – FOTH.

Life Insurance: We are switching our life insurance provider from VOYA to The Hartford.

    • With this change, we are offering an open enrollment for life insurance this year. If you previously opted out of supplemental life insurance or wish to elect a higher coverage level, you can do so during this enrollment without the requirement to complete an Evidence of Insurability (EOI). An EOI will be required during future enrollments if you previously opted out and are electing coverage OR for coverage increases greater than $50,000. EOIs are not required for levels above $350,000 as they were previously.
    • Premiums for member and child supplemental life insurance are staying as is, member supplemental no longer with a separate tobacco surcharge. The spouse supplemental life insurance coverage limit will increase from $50,000 to $100,000, with premiums adjusting slightly. Rates are based on your elected coverage amount and for member and spouse, adjust based on your age at the start of the year (in 5-year increments).

Vision and Dental Coverage for Limited Term Members: Limited Term members will now be provided the option to enroll in Vision and Dental coverage during the enrollment process.

Retirement Plan for Temporary Members: Starting in 2023, Temporary members will have the option to participate in the 401(k) plan, which includes both deferral and the match. Communication will be sent directly to temporary members soon to explain the next steps.

Looking for information regarding other benefits?  Visit www.foth.com/benefits and click on the benefit type in the left navigation. 

Complete the Enrollment Process (REQUIRED)

  1. Go to Dayforce (elect Member role if prompted) > Benefits > Start Enrollment (Annual Benefits Enrollment).
  2. Introduction page: Click Next after reading instructions.
  3. Profile page:
    • Enter the effective date for the “Medical Coverage Eligibility” as 1/1/23 and fill in remaining fields.
    • Click on “Current Dependent Information” to review and edit if needed.
    • Once both forms are updated, click Next.
  1. Elections page: Expand each section to read the instructions and select your benefits.  Members (non-owners) can also elect a pre-tax HSA payroll contribution for 2023.  Once complete, click Next.
  2. Confirmation page: Review your selected benefit options. If needed, you can go back and change items by clicking the Back button on the top right side of the confirmation page (not the back button on your browser).  Be sure to click Submit Enrollment when complete.

You have the option to reset your enrollment before the enrollment deadline and change your elections, just be sure to resubmit before the enrollment deadline.

Review Reminders

Required Annually: Medical Plan Participants – Update “Other Medical Insurance”
All participants are required to provide UMR with an update of any other medical insurance information every 12 months to avoid claim denials.  Simply log in to your account at www.umr.com and click on the Other Medical Insurance link to update your information or call the automated phone number at 866-586-0613.

Optional: Review your 401(k) deferral and 401(k) beneficiaries
Participants can review their information at any point during the year by logging into their Associated Bank Retirement account. To view deferral elections, go to Manage > Your Contributions. Deferral changes made by market close the Friday prior to payroll will be reflected on the following paycheck.  Please be sure to maintain at least an 8% deferral percentage per paycheck to receive the 4% maximum Foth match. To view beneficiaries, go to Settings > Beneficiary.  Deferrals and beneficiary information will roll over automatically if no changes are made during enrollment.

Optional: Foth Owners – Update HSA Contribution
Foth Owner HSA direct deposit amounts will remain the same heading into the new year if no changes are made.  To make changes any point during the year, access Dayforce > Forms > Direct Deposit.  Changes will take place on the following paycheck. For owners wanting the change to be effective on the first paycheck in 2023, be sure to make the update between 12/20/22 and 12/28/22. Review HSA limits.

Review Benefits Documents and Legal Notices

2023 Focus on Benefits (Regular Full- and Part-time Members)

2023 Focus on Benefits (Limited Term Full- and Part-time Members)

Womens Health and Cancer Rights Act of 1998

CHIP Notice

Marketplace Notice


Questions? If you have questions or prefer a hardcopy of any enrollment documents, don’t hesitate to reach out to the benefits team.


Timeka Carter: (920) 496-6943      Timeka.Carter@Foth.com

Krystle Smits: (920) 496-6997      Krystle.Smits@Foth.com