The vision insurance plan is an exam and materials only plan, covering eye exams and glasses OR contact lenses (not both). Any eye injuries, surgeries, etc., if covered, would be included under the medical plan. A service year is 12 months from date of first service. Contact lens fitting fees are included in the contact lens benefit, not the vision exam benefit. This is a voluntary benefit and members pay 100% of the premium.

2020 Superior Vision Insurance Certificate

Access your Account

Access your Superior Vision Account: Superiorvision.com/members

    • Locate in-network providers (Select your network: Superior National)
    • View benefits and eligibility
    • Print and/or request a copy of your ID card (If unable to log in, email contactus@superiorvision.com)
    • Submit a Reimbursement Form (used if you paid out-of-pocket for covered vision services, including those received at a non-participating provider)


Contacts Direct – Access to top brands online. Applies to your Superior Vision plan at the in-network allowance.  Free shipping.

Superior Vision Discounts – Available discounts including Lasik, frames, lenses, retinal imaging

Vision Premiums (Per Paycheck)

 Vision Plan
  Single   $5.12
  Member +1   $10.24
  Family   $13.56


Superior Vision
Eligibility, claims, denials, provider search
800-507-3800 or contactus@superiorvision.com

Benefits/Human Resources
For questions about enrollment, plan changes or general benefits inquiries, email Benefits@foth.com