UNUM – The following three benefits are available through UNUM.  If you are interested in these benefits, please watch the video(s) linked below, provided by UNUM, which includes greater detail about coverage. 

Accident Insurance – Pays a set amount for various treatments and services if you or a covered family member, is injured accidentally. 

Accident Insurance Video

Enrollment Flyer (Includes Schedule of Benefits) – Accident Insurance 

Critical Illness – Pays a lump-sum amount directly to you or a covered family member when diagnosed with a covered condition. 

Critical Illness Video

Enrollment Flyer (Includes Coverage Information) – Critical Illness

Hospital Indemnity – Pays a set amount when you or a covered family member is admitted to the hospital.

Hospital Indemnity Video

Enrollment Flyer – Hospital Indemnity

If you have UNUM voluntary insurance and you experience a covered incident (including the Be Well reimbursement), visit unum.com/claims to file a claim. 

LegalEASE – The following benefit is available through LegalEASE.

Group Legal –  This benefit provides resources and coverage for specific legal needs.  It also provides identify theft monitoring and coverage.

Group Legal Plan Video

LegalEASE Informational Website (Includes Coverage Information)

If enrolled in Group Legal coverage, contact LegalEASE to access your legal benefits: 1(888) 416-4313 (reference “Foth”) or visit legaleaseplan.com/foth