Adapt for success with efficiency.

We’re building innovative structural design solutions for our clients using our extensive experience in structural steel and reinforced concrete, and our specialized food and beverage expertise in the design of facilities using stainless steel materials and food-grade coatings.

Our structural group helps clients adapt existing buildings to meet their future needs. Many of our modification projects involve strengthening existing structures for new loads, installing new equipment foundations, raising roofs and eliminating columns to increase usable manufacturing space.

Through it all, our structural engineers work hard to minimize our clients’ production downtime. We design for efficiency, developing modular designs that can be largely shop fabricated and installed with as little time and field labor as possible. We create standardized solutions that can be reapplied to a number of production lines and a number of manufacturing sites. And we pride ourselves on close client partnerships that make Foth a seamless extension of our clients’ internal engineering team. In some cases, our members are located on-site at client facilities to oversee engineering, procurement, construction, budgeting and project management.