We’ve all heard the saying, “time is money.” In some cases, this idea propels projects forward however necessary in order to meet a pre-determined deadline. What if there was a way to increase efficiency, safety and ROI while also improving quality? Too good to be true, right? Not quite.

By utilizing our in-house VMX-2HA Riegl Mobile LiDAR Scanner, our team is able to accelerate project design and schedule through faster field data collection, improve safety and efficiency for both the traveling public and those in the field by eliminating road closures and keeping crew members out of the “red zone,” and deliver detailed models created from more than 2M data points collected each second.



Asset Management

ADA Compliance

3D Surface

Pavement Condition Indexing

"We originally decided to work with Foth in utilizing their Mobile Lidar Scanning system to gather data relevant to street and sidewalk conditions. However, we’ve come to better realize the variety of valuable opportunities available. "

— City of Perry

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