Redefine Custom with First-of-a-Kind Solutions

When creating new market demand and process improvements presents unique challenges not solved by off-the-shelf solutions.   

Developed specifically for experimental market leaders with an appetite for innovation and a need for speed, we eliminate the constraints of traditional equipment manufacturing and maximize the value of automation.   

There is no goal too large, no challenge too great, and no margin too small.  Together, we will create first-of-a-kind solutions tailored to your products, processes, and people. Solutions that become yours to own. 

Reduce Risk with Our Tested Process

We know that when margins are tight, and competition is fierce, small advantages make a big difference.

Every plant is unique, and every manufacturing process is designed to meet specific needs. Understanding the importance of confidentiality, we create a proprietary product that belongs to you. Whether the goal is to reduce costs, meet sustainability objectives, or seize an opportunity to carve out an entirely new market niche, our Serial 1 Automation process accelerates production innovation, often leading to first-of-a-kind solutions.

Graphic depicting AMS process

  • Concept development and feasibility
  • Proof of principle
  • Engineering and design
  • Manufacturing
  • Factory acceptance testing and commissioning
  • Shipping
  • Installation
  • Start-up and testing


"Foth is unfairly stacked with brilliant idea generators, impeccable designers, and professional project managers. They are a great team to have on your side."

— Foth Client


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