Central to our purpose to solve our clients’ toughest science and engineering challenges, we are committed to continuous and sustainable improvement across every aspect of our business. Upon examining what lies ahead, we find an indisputable need to prioritize strategies that minimize harm and maximize benefits to the environment, economy and society, while creating greater resiliency and readiness to weather the adverse impacts of a changing world.

Commitment to stewardship extends well beyond our walls.

We believe each decision we make and project we complete should provide lasting value to the communities in which we work. We start by taking responsibility for the impact of the work we do, which is performed transparently, ethically and inclusively through our trusted partnerships. This commitment extends to our clients, members, subcontractors, partners, vendors and other stakeholders.

A Balancing Act

A balanced approach is essential to prosperity and longevity, and to helping our clients achieve their environmental, social and governance (ESG) goals. From delivering sustainable outcomes, to fostering a culture of growth, to nurturing communities where everyone can thrive, achieving a sustainable and resilient tomorrow requires that a variety of considerations that impact our services, operations and culture have a place in the conversation.

This approach is applied to nearly everything we do, including the following areas of focus.

  • Emission reduction
  • Responsible energy sourcing
  • Waste management
  • Waterway protection
  • Biodiversity
  • Resiliency planning
  • Talent development
  • Strategic growth
  • Technology
  • Commitment to safety
  • Environmental management system framework
  • STEM program support
  • Prioritize inclusivity
  • Operationalize volunteering and philanthropy
  • Environmental and community outreach

Client Project Results

We are committed to operating in an environmentally responsible manner, using energy-efficient equipment, nonhazardous and recycled material, renewable power sources, and resilient planning practices whenever possible.

Our goal is tangible progress toward our clients’ sustainability and ESG goals.

Reclaiming Millions of Gallons of Water
A major U.S. Brewery recovered and reused 90 million gallons of process water per year.

The project met sustainability goals and provided re-purposed water for use in non-product applications.

Offsetting CO2 with Nitrogen
A nitrogen (N2) /carbon dioxide (CO2) mixing system achieved a 50% reduction in packaging CO2 consumption in the brewing industry. The brewery achieved an overall CO2 footprint reduction while minimizing risk of supply chain issues. Read more.

Reducing Fuel Use, CO2 and Energy Costs
A complete streets approach for the city of Cedar Falls, Iowa eliminated 360,000 gallons of fuel use, reduced 3,200 metric tons of carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions, and saved $194,000 in energy costs.

Expanding Landfill Usefulness
An evapotranspiration cover over a landfill with a geocomposite liner resulted in beneficial use of on-site soil, lower cost to install, and increased capacity to the final geocomposite cover.

Reducing Landfill Greenhouse Impacts
Relocating an unused flare reduced the greenhouse impact of methane gas at this landfill by converting it to carbon dioxide and water vapor.

Expanding Waste Processing Throughput
Evaluation and modifications to a dual-stream processing facility to process materials delivered via single-stream tripled throughput within 18 months of operation. Additional materials were also identified for reuse of recycled material content.

Increasing Landfill Gas While Reducing Costs
Permitting leachate recirculation for a landfill reduced the cost of leachate management and increased generation of landfill gas, which was used to offset natural gas formerly used at an adjacent limestone quarry.

Working Toward a 75% Recycling Goal
The state of Minnesota requires that Ramsey and Washington Counties achieve a 75% recycling goal by 2030.

The plan to reach that goal includes procurement and installation of equipment that will recover additional recyclable materials and durable compostable bags to collect organic waste and minimize the amount of material that is landfilled.

Preparing a Seawall for Rising Sea Levels
A 700 ft steel sheet pile wall raised the seawall elevation by 4 feet and provided improved coastal resiliency and protection against sea level rise concerns.

The project also provided the community with a fishing pier, boardwalk and needed beach nourishment.

Reducing a Landfill’s Carbon Footprint
A 40-kilowatt solar array composed of 134 solar panels on the Blue Earth County, MN Customer Service Building will decrease the landfill’s carbon footprint and reduce its overall impact on the environment.

The display will save money in the long term by providing a renewable energy source to on-site buildings while reducing electricity bills.

Company Initiatives

As a member-owned company, we remain focused on profitability that benefits our clients, members and communities through targeted growth initiatives, innovative solutions and responsible governance.

A healthy bottom line is only the beginning.

Growing Strategically
Strategic growth starts with our clients. By carefully listening and learning about the world around us, we continuously evolve and improve our sustainable solutions to meet the changing needs of our clients.

We combine science, engineering, and technology with ingenuity and passion to build enduring client partnerships and create bright futures for our team members.

Developing Talent
We create bright futures for our members. Members play an active role in their development, collaborating with dedicated advocates to create personalized growth plans based on their unique journeys and career goals.

Five percent of our professional fee revenue is reinvested in our members’ development to help build competencies, earn certifications and pursue their passions.

Advancing Technology
As an industry leader in technology, we invest in the resources that help us be more agile and increase productivity and workflow.

We look at the latest technology to improve our business processes. This dedication to continuous improvement saves time and resources, enhances our design abilities and results, reduces errors, and improves overall efficiency.

Committing to Safety
Our total recordable incident rate is consistently below the industry average. We live by our mantra that no job is so important, and no work is so urgent that we cannot take time to perform our work safely.

Every member at Foth has a role to play as we strive for zero injuries, illness or environmental harm by following all expectations and reporting all unsafe conditions.

Implementing Environmental Management System Framework
Our goal of improving our internal environmental performance includes annual review and evaluation to identify opportunities and set objectives and targets.

Resulting operational implementations include procurement management, technology investment, waste reduction programs, energy conservation and community cleanup efforts.

Community Building

We are proud of the communities we call home and consider it our duty to respect and support their residents, environments and cultures. This also applies to our One Foth Community comprised of members and their families.

Thriving individuals create thriving communities for all.

Supporting STEM Programs
Former CEO Steven Van Dyke’s belief in partnerships between industry leaders and educators led to the Einstein Project in 1991.

Since then, we’ve committed to advancing STEM programs such as Introduce a Girl to Engineering, MATHCOUNTS competitions, Summer STEM Camp, regular partnerships with Society of Women Engineers STEM events and speaking engagements at local schools.

Operationalizing Volunteering and Philanthropy
Giving back is an integral part of life at Foth. Every member is provided paid time off to volunteer, and exemplary community service is recognized with an annual award to benefit a charity of our members’ choosing.

STEM education is the focus of our corporate giving, including education-related events and an endowed scholarship for engineers.

Expanding Environmental and Community Outreach
Our passion to give back to the communities in which we work, live and play often leads members to wade through water to clean up streams, fill bright orange trash bags on the side of a highway, wield pruning shears to eliminate invasive species from prairies and wetlands, hammer and caulk at Habitat for Humanity, and much, much more.

Prioritizing Inclusivity
We think and behave inclusively. We create environments where differences are embraced, members are recognized based on their merits, and we acknowledge the uniqueness of individuals and their diversity of thought and experience.

Prioritizing this intention includes peer networking groups, diversity recruitment plans, and training on unconscious bias and conscious inclusion.

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