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You’re standing at the door to a world where meaningful change is taking place. Leading engineers and scientists are applying the latest methods and technology to solve the toughest challenges affecting the physical world today.

Welcome to the opportunity to join a team of difference-makers as you chart your own path.

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The Foth Experience

“Foth is an incredible place for young members to begin their career. From day one, I was doing meaningful work.”

– Ryan Turner, civil engineer

Cultivate your career.

We share your curiosity, creativity, and passion for applying science, engineering, and technology to solve challenges.
Foth’s co-op and internship programs are created for aspiring engineers, scientists, and support specialists by some of the most accomplished professionals in the industry. That means your program is crafted to give you the greatest amount of exposure, experience, development, and networking opportunities.

Get ready to put your education and passion to work.

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Co-ops at Foth

Co-ops are immersive paid work experiences that typically last 8 months, or a school semester plus the summer. These full-time positions give you the opportunity to be involved in large projects, while building your skills and network. A co-op may delay your graduation date, so check with your advisor before engaging.

Co-ops can be located at any Foth location or project site.

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Internships at Foth

Internships are short-term career-based learning opportunities where you will experience our culture, work environments, and expectations. Spanning up to 12 weeks in the summer, these are paid, full-time positions. You will gain experience working directly on projects with our experienced professionals.

Internships can be located at any Foth location or project site.

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You can grow your own way.

Career paths are yours to dream, plan, and live. Not only will you develop your early career alongside leaders in your field, you can advance the profession and your place in it.

The Foth experience extends well beyond project work. Co-op students and interns enjoy a culture that embraces flexibility, inclusion, and peer connections.

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Future of Work

We recognize that flexible work environments are important to our members, including interns and co-op students. Whether in the office, the field, remote or hybrid, Foth members are there, leveraging technology and collaboration to make it happen.

The future of work may look different from the past, but we are embracing the differences and unleashing the potential of a dynamic workplace to discover even more opportunity.


As you explore the options to begin your career, you will likely hear the word “fit” and the importance of finding it. At Foth, a good fit means alignment with core values, work ethic, and a sense of belonging. But fit doesn’t mean sameness.

Creating diversity of thought and experience, celebrating our differences, and seeking common ground is at the core of our culture.

Networking Groups

Our Intern/Co-op Community Team and Emerging Professionals Team are opportunities for future leaders like you to expand awareness and knowledge, and form lasting bonds.

These teams receive inspiration and mentorship from a variety of industry experts, and are encouraged to exercise critical thinking and change management skills to move the profession and Foth forward.

Make a lasting impact. For good.

Meaningful work is a theme you will hear on repeat at Foth.

Each project, each decision, each interaction is an opportunity to create lasting value by developing sustainable and resilient solutions in the face of a changing world. Interns and co-op students play an active role in creating a sustainable future.

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Sustainability and Resiliency

Taking a balanced approach, we consider a variety of factors that deliver sustainable outcomes for our clients, foster a culture of growth, and nurture communities where everyone can thrive.

Learn how you can join our members in creating a sustainable and resilient tomorrow.

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University Partnerships

Foth is committed to developing productive partnerships with universities through co-ops and internships, professional development opportunities, and sponsorship.

If your educational institution is interested in exploring the possibilities of a partnership with Foth, please reach out to Pete Bailen, pete.bailen@foth.com, 920-496-6679.

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    All internship and co-op positions are currently filled. Please submit your resume for consideration when the application review process begins in August.

    Equal Opportunity

    All Foth Companies are equal opportunity employers and all qualified applicants will receive consideration for employment without regard to race, color, religion, sex, national origin, disability status, protected veteran status, gender identity, sexual orientation, or any other characteristic protected by law. All locations are tobacco-free.