Foth delivers solutions that combine expertise in solid waste operations, regulatory compliance, engineering, and public policy – all expertly tailored for the material streams you manage. From facility design and engineering and operational efficiency, to analyses of budget and sustainability goals, our team works with you to find practical solutions that rethink waste management at every stage.


  • Facility design, engineering, permitting and construction
  • Facility operations/efficiency studies/technical assistance
  • Feasibility studies and technical evaluation
    • Supply and end market development
  • Facility lifecycle planning analysis
  • Master planning/community engagement
  • Processing evaluation, optimization, and upgrades
    • Composition studies/waste characterizations
  • Environmental compliance, investigation, and data management/analysis
  • Procurement, funding and grant writing
  • Sustainability, waste minimization, and product stewardship
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"There are others out there that will design it and then we have to find somebody to build it. Now you've got multiple people you're trying to coordinate, whereas with Foth it's more-one stop shopping. That’s unique."

— Foth Client


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