Our History

A tradition of excellence and innovation.

Foth has a long, rich history dating back to 1938. Since then our services, locations and membership have expanded to meet the changing needs of our clients. Check out a few milestones from our past:

  • 1938: A young electrical engineer, Herbert S. Foth, organized a small engineering company in Green Bay, Wisconsin. That first year, Foth had four members on the payroll, and our clients included several municipalities in northeast Wisconsin.
  • 1939 – Early 1940s: Foth and Patrick Boyd joined forces as Foth and Boyd. The company also began a long-term engineering relationship with Austin Straubel Field, now Austin Straubel International Airport.
  • Mid-1940s: Civil engineer and long-time Brown County (WI) Highway Commissioner Arthur Porath became a partner. The firm was renamed Foth, Boyd and Porath.
  • Late 1940s: We employed approximately 24 people. Patrick Boyd left the partnership and the business continued as Foth & Porath, Inc. Many municipal clients who were added during this time continue to work with Foth to this day.
  • 1950: Jack Horner, World War I pilot and former Federal Aviation Administration official, joined our company to form Foth, Porath & Horner. The firm specialized in airport engineering and served clients throughout the upper Midwest.
  • 1952: A major fire destroyed Foth, Porath & Horner’s Green Bay offices. Our members moved quickly to reestablish operations.
  • 1960s: Foth continued its steady growth and established its first environmental laboratory to support our clients’ wastewater treatment needs.
  • 1967: Joseph Van Dyke joined the firm, changing our name to Foth & Van Dyke and Associates, Inc.
  • 1970s: Our business focus expanded significantly to address the era’s growing environmental awareness. New services included wastewater treatment, water supply and environmental studies. These services, combined with the firm’s traditional civil engineering capabilities, were the precursor to today’s Foth Infrastructure & Environment, LLC.
  • 1974: Consulting Engineers’ Council of Wisconsin presented Foth & Van Dyke with an Engineering Excellence Award for completion of the $14 million Shawano Lake wastewater system.
  • 1976: Foth’s 45 members moved to new 13,000 sq. ft. offices in Green Bay.
  • 1980s: We grew and diversified, adding offices in Milwaukee and Madison, Wisconsin.
  • 1981: Joe Van Dyke’s son, Steven, succeeded him as Chairman and CEO of the firm, and further diversified service offerings.
  • 1982: A Food Plant Division was added to serve the process engineering needs of dairy and other food processing clients. Paper industry expertise also expanded. These combined resources became the Industrial Division of Foth & Van Dyke, now Foth Production Solutions, LLC.
  • 1985: Employment reached more than 300 members.
  • 1990s: Foth expanded geographically throughout Illinois, Iowa and Minnesota.
  • 1997: Tim J. Weyenberg succeeds Steven Van Dyke as CEO.
  • 2000s: Our expansion continued throughout the U.S., as did our business diversification. Clients included Fortune 500 companies and the U.S. Postal Service; we now had more than 500 members.
  • 2006: The company reorganized with Foth & Van Dyke as the parent company and three subsidiary companies, including Foth Infrastructure & Environment, LLC, Foth Production Solutions, LLC, and Foth Asset Management, LLC.
  • 2009:  Foth expanded geographically throughout Missouri and into Kansas.
  • 2011: Foth Canada Corporation was created to expand operations internationally.
  • 2013: Our 75th Anniversary—celebrating 75 years of client-service excellence. Randy J. Homel succeeds Tim J. Weyenberg as CEO.