Thinking globally and acting locally.

How do we meet human needs while protecting our environment now and in the future? Through responsibility. At Foth, we’re not just building for today. Our science and engineering solutions are designed to span generations. We’re helping clients realize both immediate returns and long-term benefits of sustainable practices. Through training and education, long-range project plans, and our own corporate initiative (called FIRST), Foth is lessening our environmental footprint.


When sustainability is important to our clients, we:

  • Complete sustainability audits
  • Forecast and backcast
  • Monitor the “triple bottom line” through social, economic and environmental visioning
  • Share sustainability best practices


Foth’s Internal Resource Sustainability Team (FIRST) is comprised of member volunteers who help identify and implement changes in Foth’s internal processes to promote company-wide and office-specific sustainability practices. FIRST helps us:

  • Encourage company-wide eco-responsibility
  • Build active sustainability support teams in every local office
  • Conduct regular informational meetings
  • Share suggestions and best practices