We believe in honoring a job well done. Foth members are regularly rewarded for their exemplary work with performance incentive programs, extended travel incentives, on-the-spot rewards, and our Brand Champion award, which recognizes the member or team that best delivers excellent client-centered service each month.

Annual awards are also given to the members who best exemplify the values, behaviors and traits recognized by Foth as critical to our profitability, stability and growth. These include:

  • The Technical Achievement Award recognizes and encourages technical¬†innovation applied on projects.
  • The Leadership Award honors a member who best met or exceeded our defined leadership expectations.
  • The Entrepreneur Award recognizes the member or team who best exhibits entrepreneurial characteristics.
  • The Community Service Award is given to the member with the most noteworthy volunteer efforts, giving selflessly of their time and/or talents to serve others.
  • The Lean Continuous Improvement Award honors a member who consistently demonstrates the ability to challenge our systems in a positive and constructive manner using concepts of continuous improvement.