The attributes of our culture are the glue that connect us as One Foth.

Like other high-performing companies, we are consistent in our values and commitment to our company purpose, clients, members, and communities.

Though our organizational structure is purposefully diversified—that is, each Business Unit determines its own markets, clients, services, geographies, and differentiators—we share a common, intentional, One Foth culture.

  • Values-Based: Our One Foth culture is grounded in and reflects our values.
  • Client-Centered: We show our clients by our actions that we care as much about their needs as they do.
  • Member-Owned: We have always been member-owned and we expect to always be member-owned.
  • Influential: Leadership is established through a member’s ability to influence and create followship with other members.
  • Inclusive: We think and behave inclusively. We are stronger together.
  • Continuously Learning: We invest in our members’ growth through professional career development.
  • Innovative: We are entrepreneurial and innovative in what we do and in how we get it done.
  • Caring: We genuinely care for our clients, our members, and our communities.
  • Relationship-Building: We show our commitment to building and maintaining world-class relationships.
  • Collaborative: We collaborate effectively. We celebrate our achievements as a team!
  • Results-Focused: Our performance-based culture rewards and recognizes extraordinary contributions of teams and individuals.
  • Flexible: Foth’s culture allows our members to maintain a positive work-life balance while meeting commitments to our clients and team members.
  • Safety-Minded: We believe that “no job is so important and no work is so urgent that we cannot take time to perform our work safely.”
  • Quality-Oriented: Our members deliver work products that meet or exceed expectations.
  • Transparent: We are open and honest with our communications.
  • Process-Driven: We “follow the process or cause it to be changed” in a proactive and constructive manner.
  • Strategic: We are deliberate in how we set direction and make decisions; we think and act with the end in mind.
  • Ethical: We do the right thing at all times.