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City of Des Moines US 6 Hubbell Avenue Improvements


Partnering with the City of Des Moines and Iowa DOT, improvements that would enhance intersection safety, improve traffic operations, and provide bicycle and pedestrian access along the US Highway 6 (Hubbell Avenue) corridor were developed. Through public engagement, traffic modeling, and conceptual roadway design, the corridor was transformed from a vehicle-centric, four-lane roadway into a revitalized, multimodal, divided urban roadway.


To define the new vision of the corridor, our team completed a comprehensive safety improvement study of Hubbell Avenue, a stretch of roadway carrying 22,000 vehicles per day. The area analysis included multiple scenarios and coordinated traffic signal timings, which in addition to crash analyses, land-use updates, and operational analyses, helped guide alternative development. To capture local input and gain community support of presented alternatives, 6 project development meetings, 20 individual stakeholder meetings and 2 public information meetings were held, while direct mailers and project exhibits were created. To assist in design and 3D visualization, our team utilized mobile scanning and sUAS technologies. Recommended improvements including multiple intersection realignments, installation of a median, and installation of traffic signals were represented.


In total, 12 intersections were studied, robust public involvement completed, and more than 3,400 feet of US Highway 6 reconstructed. This not only improved corridor safety and traffic operations, but overall multi-modal connectivity within the corridor.


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