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City of Johnston Improvements East of Merle Hay Road


A Complete Streets project, the City of Johnston hired Foth for improvements including neighborhood gateways; traffic calming features; off-road, multi-purpose paths; bike lanes; street lighting; and stormwater management. In total, this project included 2 miles of street reconstruction, 192 acres of sanitary service area improvements, 11,700 lineal feet of water main replacement, and coordination with 142 properties.


The narrow cross-section combined with residential impacts required innovative stormwater management techniques, detailed staging plans to best maintain property access, and high levels of coordination between property owners, privative utilities and the contractor. To ensure success, public and stakeholder engagement opportunities included a variety of workshops, interviews, and design concept visualization workshops. Combining results from public involvement, a watershed planning study, narrowed 60-foot right-of-way, and planned complete streets improvements, an innovative approach to stormwater management was developed. A unique bioretention intake system with underground storage, bioswales, and infiltration basis were created to be integral with the traditional storm sewer system and constructed within the street right-of-way.


As a result, water quality guidelines were met with the inclusion of a targeted 1.25 inch rainfall event and removal of over 80 percent of suspended solids.



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