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City of Madison Mineral Point and South Junction Road Improvements


In order to improve overall safety as well as add pedestrian and bicycle facilities, the City of Madison hired Foth for upgrades and improvements to Mineral Point and South Junction Roads. Mineral Point Road became a 6-lane urban arterial, and South Junction Road a 4-lane urban collector. Enhancements included existing drainage updates, as well as pedestrian and bicycle amenities via a new jug-handle interchange, multi-use path, and a multi-use path culvert under the connecting ramp.


Collaboration and engagement with the City of Madison, Dane County and the Wisconsin Department of Transportation. Combining cast-in-place retaining walls with considerable aesthetic enhancements, the final design both retained raised roadway sections as well as minimized right-of-way impacts. By splitting the existing single-intersection into two separate intersections, overall operation was improved as well as grade separation for select movements provided. Consideration to area drainage included upsizing the undersized storm sewer and substantial on-site storm water detention.


Combining safety, efficiency, and aesthetic improvements, this project won a 2015 Public Works Project of the Year Award from the American Public Works Association Wisconsin Chapter.



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