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water pollution control commission

Delafield-Hartland Water Pollution Control Commission Wastewater Treatment Plant Upgrade


Anticipating upcoming increases in demands for state permitting relative to effluent phosphorus, the Commission engaged us to study, evaluate, and recommend improvements to their existing tertiary filtration system to maintain compliance. After study approval, our recommendations were implemented in the design and construction of a chemical conditioning and filtration process to reduce effluent phosphorus by up to 90% from previous levels. The plant’s design average flow is 3.23 MGD.


Our design includes technology to meet the increasing permitting demands for effluent phosphorus in Wisconsin utilizing tertiary disc filtration with chemical conditioning to meet low level water quality-based effluent limits for phosphorus. We were one of the first firms in the state to apply this particular disc filtration system with chemical conditioning to satisfy lower phosphorus limits. Additionally, the design called for replacing the existing liquid chlorination system with UV disinfection.


Complete in 2021, our design for treatment improvements allows the Commission to overcome the same challenges being faced throughout the state as wastewater permitting demands become more stringent.



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