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Elkhorn Lakeland Water System Evaluation and Updates


The City of Elkhorn had been experiencing radium removal issues at their Lakeland plant. Radium levels exceeding regulatory limits at the Lakeland plant resulted in the state issuing a notice of violation and the order for it to be shut down.


Our project team provided system evaluation and an action plan to address the system’s water quality issues. We provided sampling and testing coordination, detailed calculations, operational improvement recommendations, and coordination with vendors and suppliers. We also provided training to assist the City operators to gain a deeper understanding their treatment equipment process and system controls.


Partnering with City staff and specialty equipment vendors, we completed the investigation and determined the cause of the radium removal deficiencies. The investigation provided our team a deep understanding of the plant’s treatment chemistry, revealing the cause of its issues. The investigation also allowed us to identify an opportunity to improve control sequences in the final radium removal rinse process to optimize every regeneration cycle. The Lakeland plant is now back on line, fully compliant, more efficient, and removing radium at levels better than ever before.



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