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Maintaining Compliance through PFAS Evaluations_1

Maintaining Compliance through PFAS Evaluations


Per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances (PFAS) are a family of chemical compounds that exhibit ideal properties for use in a variety of markets and products. This versatility has led to wide geographic distribution of PFAS compounds. The very characteristics that make PFAS compounds ideal for product use also make them persistent in the environment and potentially difficult to treat. PFAS compounds have a number of characteristics that are important to how they behave when released into the environment. They are soluble in water which enables them to move readily with surface water and groundwater and resist sorption to soil and sediment.

PFAS compounds have strong chemical bonds which resist degradation under elevated temperatures, oxidizing conditions, and under natural environmental conditions. Toxicological studies have demonstrated bioaccumulation of PFAS compounds in animals and humans. PFAS is most commonly observed at its highest concentration at industrial and government facilities. Industrial facilities that used raw PFAS to support manufacturing are susceptible to related contamination by PFAS. Government facilities that used aqueous film forming foam (AFFF) at training facilities, including USAF DOD (U.S. Air Force Department of Defense), airports, and municipal fire-fighting agencies, are also susceptible to related contamination.


State-permitted facilities receive waste streams that contain PFAS, resulting in low to high concentrations of PFAS in the facility wastewater and leachate. Foth currently evaluates potential operational and environmental impacts related PFAS at several Minnesota facilities including Blue Earth County’s Ponderosa Landfill. The objective of these evaluations is to provide environmentally responsible, sustainable, and cost-effective solutions while satisfying state-level agency permitting and regulatory compliance.


Foth has an established track record of success delivering technical solutions to our public solid waste clients, as well as many other segments that we serve. We work with our clients to design a strategy to achieve and maintain compliance with rules and regulations.


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