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Manufacturing Plant Logistics Plan

Optimizing Facility Design and Internal Logistics


Our client was in the process of evaluating the layout of a new production facility. The goal was to implement a highly efficient baseline solution to meet current product mix/volume needs while allocating future space for expansion.

The initial design had been completed when our team was approached to optimize the solution further.


We first evaluated all production and internal logistics processes offering multiple insights and options for how the design could deliver more net product with the same volume of equipment.

This is typically where many optimization engagements end – at the process and equipment stage. However, the Foth team took the optimization a step further, evaluating how our client could adjust production scheduling and material flow to exceed even the optimized equipment output.


By fully understanding our clients’ products and processes from end to end, we were able to find a path capable of delivering nearly 20% more throughput without increasing the volume of equipment.

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