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non metalic mining operations

Regulatory Considerations for Non-Metallic Mining Operations Expansion


Graymont is a lime and limestone products supplier proposing a limestone quarrying and mining operation in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan. Foth completed an evaluation of the required zoning and other regulatory permitting requirements for the expansion of an existing, non-operational non-metallic mining operation for Graymont.


Regulatory elements reviewed included:

  • Operational Protocols – (hours of operation, blasting notification, etc.)
  • Noise control
  • Vibration
  • Dust mitigation
  • Security / perimeter berms access routes and gates
  • Water and erosion control
  • Traffic patterns
  • Mining equipment and work force
  • Assessment of infrastructure needs from the township and county
  • Proposed reclamation process and time frames
  • Reclamation bonding / financial assurance

As part of the evaluation a mineral extraction permit application and soil erosion and sediment control application were prepared and submitted to the local review agency and Tri-County Public Health Department.  Plans identifying the proposed earthmoving activities proposed for the site and the associated erosion management activities planned to mitigate erosion and storm water impacts at the project site and adjoining properties were included.


The evaluation included the generation of an overarching permitting strategy for the project that will be used to navigate local zoning and state regulatory agencies’ permitting requirements going forward. Documents were prepared that considered both regulatory requirements and non-governmental organization requests that supported quarry activities and successful permitting. The evaluation generated public awareness that quarry operations can fit into appropriate land use planning. As the project proceeds there will be creation of jobs and a local revenue source for the community.



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