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Solid Waste Facility Improves Diversion of Materials from Landfill


Foth has worked with Outagamie County Recycling and Solid Waste Department (OCRSWD) for several years to plan, design, and construct a variety of recycling and waste diversion features at the landfill and recycling facility campus in Appleton, Wisconsin. OCRSWD and Foth teamed together to develop a resource recovery and drop-off facility to increase the options and volumes of materials diverted from the landfill, while supplying improved convenience and safety for residents.


The project team of OCRSWD and Foth planned, permitted, designed, and constructed the new resource recovery park. We aided with a systematic scope of work and approach that allowed for review of facility needs, options and flexibility at implementation. The process included:

  • A Resource Recovery Concept Report that supplied a comprehensive review of options and needs for using the property to add a new residential drop-off, material storage, and waste transfer and processing.
  • The selection of the layout, traffic flow, and location of the proposed resource recovery park with adjustments to meet the OCRSWD budgets and include added customer-based features.
  • Permitting and construction of the new resource recovery facility to meet specific material specifications and safety features.


The Resource Recovery Park improved customer drop-off facilities for recycling, furniture, mattresses, clean wood, rigid plastics, waste, metal, electronics, and other materials using multi-lane, color coded, low-wall bins.

Program Specs

  • The substantial number of bins and wide one-way lanes of the Resource Recovery Park allow for improved traffic flow that efficiently accommodates up to 350 customers on a typical Saturday.
  • Color-coded bins allow customers to easily identify what material goes in each container, reducing bin contamination and minimizing back tracking through the facility.
  • The low wall and easy access to the bin openings allow for safer unloading with less back strain.
  • Awareness and instructions for use of the new Resource Recovery Park are effectively communicated through customer service and a robust engagement program with the public by OCRSWD staff.


  • Metal recovery and recyclable material volumes are increasing. Shingles are processed and used on-site, and OCRSWD has started collecting and managing sheetrock and vinyl siding material for secondary reuse markets.
  • Diversion of materials is extending the life of the landfill for OCRSWD and their stakeholders as they make incremental progress toward a local circular economy.


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