We’ve all heard the saying, “time is money.” In some cases, this idea propels projects forward however necessary in order to meet a pre-determined deadline. What if there was a way to increase efficiency, safety and ROI while also improving quality? Too good to be true, right? Not quite.

By utilizing our in-house VMX-2HA Riegl Mobile LiDAR Scanner (MLS), our team is able to accelerate project design and schedule through faster field data collection, improve safety and efficiency for both the traveling public and those in the field by eliminating road closures and keeping crew members out of the “red zone,” and deliver detailed models created from more than 2M data points collected each second.

Foth MLS Deliverable Examples

Pavement Condition IndexPavement Condition Index

Utilizing Riegl’s VMX-2HA Mobile LiDAR Scanner, with dual rear downward facing cameras and laser measurement sensors, our team is able to:

  • Generate precise, high-resolution pavement surface modeling in a fraction of the time compared to if collected manually
  • Adhere to ASTM standards to provide metric quality data and reporting – supported by visualized point cloud data for pavement analysis and classification
  • Prioritization of maintenance programs based on severity and traffic volume

Asset ManagementAsset Management

To counter common operational challenges with asset management, such as location or proximity and quality of entities such as roads, bridges, utilities, etc., our MLS system collects color imagery with dense, detailed point cloud data for easy extraction into CAD. Having digital documentation of the following can not only prove beneficial for current or future reference, but can also limit repeated field visits often encountered with use of traditional methods.

  • Clearance measurements
  • Condition monitoring
  • Growth planning requirements

ADA ComplianceADA Compliance

The Americans with Disabilities Act has motivated public agencies to better adhere to Federal standards. Utilizing data from the MLS system, we can:

  • Efficiently convert point cloud data into user friendly formats to identify compliant and non-compliant issues
  • Collect data that is just as accurate, if not better, than that collected by traditional means
  • Identify outdated ramps, lack of truncated domes, running and transverse slope calculations, and the severity of defects, as well as other parameters
  • Incorporate the information into client ADA Transition Plans and Capital Improvement Programs

3D Surface Models and Topography 3D Surface Models/Topography

As a proven technology for safely acquiring data of complex corridors, roadways or interchanges, our MLS system has the ability to capture miles of information while avoiding the limitations and expense of road closures often encountered through use of traditional methodology. In a fraction of the time, data can be collected and delivered in a traditional, accurate CAD model.

"We originally decided to work with Foth in utilizing their Mobile Lidar Scanning system to gather data relevant to street and sidewalk conditions. However, we’ve come to better realize the variety of valuable opportunities available. "

— City of Perry

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