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Join Us for 2023 Battelle Sediments Conference

Our team is excited to be back in person for the Battelle Sediments Conference, January 9-12 in Austin, Texas.

Since the last conference four years ago, we’ve continued making strides in sediment remediation from coast to coast. Now we’re hosting, moderating and presenting a full line up of topics ranging from lessons learned to planning for the impact of climate change.

Join us as we dive into the depths of our lakes, rivers, ports and harbors to restore their environmental and economic vitality.

Session Co-Chairs

  • Steve Garbaciak: Lessons Learned in Remedy Implementation (E4)
  • Erin Hughes: Source ID, Loading Assessment, and Control (A11)
  • Susan Nilson: Climate Change, Coastal Adaptation, and Resiliency (C11)


  • Tara Van Hoof: Assessing the Effectiveness of the Completed Lower Fox River Remedy (E2)
  • Susan Nilson: Leveraging Enhancement of Remedy Provisions to Optimize Environmental Cleanup and Navigation Dredging Benefits at New Bedford Harbor (E3 poster presentation)
  • Denis Roznowski: When Unknown Unknowns Become Known: Lessons Learned at the Ashland Lakefront MGP Superfund Site (E4)

Panel Moderators

  • Steve Garbaciak: Will Sediment Caps Last Forever? And How Should We Address the Possibility that They Don’t?
  • Steve Garbaciak: Cost Drivers for Environmental Dredging and Capping Projects

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