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Nighttime shot of a downtown area decorated for the holidays


Meet Adrian Cormier – Holiday Photo Contest Winner

Each year, Foth hosts a photo contest and the winner – selected by Foth members in a blind poll – adorns our annual holiday card. The talent of our members and their penchant for technical hobbies never ceases to amaze and this year’s winner was no exception.

We asked Lead Construction Representative Adrian Cormier to share information about the winning photo and his interest in photography, and learned that he often makes the most of his travel time to project sites to hone his nighttime photography skills. Note that Adrian’s photos are not “photoshopped” with image-editing software.

“The holiday streetscape shot was taken just a few days ahead of the Town of Chatham Christmas Stroll/Main Street last December as I made my way back to Chatham Cape Cod to act as resident engineer on the Town of Chatham Fish Pier. The town has been a client of Foth’s for years. We designed, permitted and worked on several marine projects, with the town commercial fish pier being the most recent. Given my availability and rich history with the town, I spent the next seven months providing daily onsite services for the project and was afforded many opportunities to fulfill my hobby as a photographer.”

How did your photography hobby evolve?

“In late 2019, I decided to educate myself on digital photography and invested in a low line Sony body with a detachable lens. I was immediately captivated by the aperture value of a lens and the ability to see objects not capable with the human eye. Macro photography in nature is something I love; however, I don’t really find myself doing that often anymore. In mid 2020, my world changed when I started to research long exposure images, specifically astrophotography and was immediately hooked! 

In the past three years I have been able to chase the Milky Way/Galaxy Core around many beautiful, very dark locations without light pollution to capture the heavens. It is quite a humbling experience out there in the middle of the night staring at light created millions of years ago. The satisfaction of capturing that image, coupled with all the technical, environmental and physical components has resulted in a great balance for me and my required technical aptitude daily at work. These are a few of my favorites I’ve been able to capture while away from home working on extended Foth projects.”

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