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Meet the New Leaders in Environment Solutions

Meet the new Senior Vice President of Environment Solutions

Foth is pleased to announce the appointment of Susan Nilson, P.E. as the organization’s Environment Solutions business unit leader, effective January 1, 2023. Susan succeeds Jim Miles-Polka who is retiring after 25 years of service through Foth’s environment division.

Nilson brings a wealth of proven leadership and technical expertise to this role having recently served as Foth’s ports and harbors market leader. Prior, Susan was president of CLE Engineering, Inc., acquired by Foth in 2018. Over the past 25 years, Susan has guided planning and initiatives for the growth and development of staff, business opportunities, and project delivery, excelling at executing well thought-out plans.

“My career has been a terrific balance of problem solving, communicating with clients, and working with teams to solve some really tough environmental challenges. Engineering is a constantly evolving field. The challenges and solutions are continually changing.

“I look forward to working with our team to build on the foundation that’s been laid to develop and maintain strong partnerships with our clients who have entrusted us to solve their toughest science and engineering challenges. Together we will deliver mission-critical services that improve the sustainability of our natural and built environment.”

Meet the New Ports and Harbors Market Leaders

Concurrent with Nilson’s appointment to business unit leader, Scott Skuncik, P.E. and Wendy Rocha have moved into a shared role as leaders of the ports and harbors market for Foth’s growing waterfront and marine services. Sharing this role will allow each the opportunity to devote the time they desire to maintain and build strong client relationships, while continuing to support the growth of the market’s members.

Scott Skuncik brings 20 years of experience in marine infrastructure projects with key expertise in structural engineering, waterfront construction, project and contract management. Scott’s ability to understand clients’ needs, layered with his experience and commitment to provide quality solutions, makes him well-suited to help guide the market, particularly related to aligning and deepening our skillsets to better serve our ports and harbors clients.

Wendy Rocha brings 20 years of experience, primarily in waterfront projects, with a focus on design, dredging, and construction. Wendy is an excellent communicator with keen abilities in contract administration, project management, public outreach, cost estimating and scheduling. She is passionate about delivering excellent client service and has considerable knowledge and insight in the environmental aspects of waterfront construction, which she will use to help guide and improve Foth’s service delivery.

Together, Scott and Wendy will lead Foth’s ports and harbors market to deliver solutions that combine high technical quality with the recognition of the fiscal constraints and accountability our clients require.

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