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Drop-off Site for Food Scrap Program


Foth Helps Minnesota Counties Launch Food Scrap Program

Food scraps comprise about 20% of trash collected in Ramsey and Washington counties in Minnesota by weight.

Foth has worked with the counties and Ramsey/Washington Recycling & Energy (R&E) to reduce that percentage through the development of their food scrap bag (FSB) program, which is scheduled to rollout in late 2022. Our expertise included procurement of the bags, procedure development, durability testing, and assisting with the program’s warehouse, distribution, and fulfillment components.

Foth helped evaluate participation estimates, from pilot rollout through program maturity, and provided engineering for facility and operational improvements at the R&E Center to remove the FSB’s from the trash using robotics. Recovering food scraps from trash will help reach the state’s recycling goals and provide health, environmental and economic benefits to the community.

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