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New Bedford North Terminal Expansion Announcement

The New Bedford Port Authority begins construction this summer on another phase of one of the most significant harbor development projects in the history of the port. With the recent award of a $27.9 million construction contract, the North Terminal Expansion and Confined Aquatic Disposal (CAD) Cell No. 4 project will provide an additional 450 feet of bulkhead and approximately 3.5 acres of new terminal site area to “spur long-term economic development.”  The completion of CAD Cell No. 4 will provide disposal capacity for approximately 480,000 cy of contaminated dredge sediments from dredging participants throughout the harbor.

As lead consultant and engineer of record, Foth has contributed nearly 5,000 hours to various design and construction phases for this project since 2018, and will provide construction services for both the Terminal and Bottom of CAD Cell No. 4. This project will modernize the port and help New Bedford maintain its position as the #1 commercial fishing port in the country.

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