A global manufacturer of personal care products needed to increase capacity of their meltblown production outside the United States. The mill produced two materials: meltblown and SMS. The meltblown bank was shared by two production lines, This configuration did not allow both products to be produced at the same time. This project installed a new meltblown bank on the SMS machine with supporting equipment.


Foth was responsible for developing and assembling the capital estimate for appropriation submittal as well as all final engineering activities once the appropriation was approved. Because the bank needed to be moved offline during shutdowns and maintenance, a safety PLC was used along with motion control via PF-755 Ethernet drives with servo motors.


The capacity expansion allowed the mill to produce the two products on the separate machines at the same time. The project was completed safely, on time and within budget.

Competency Used

  • Electrical & Controls
  • Integration services
  • Extrusion system with heating controls using SCRs, SSRs and PLC PID control
  • Polymer filter with safety PLC interface
  • Polymer pipe and flange heating using induction heating with PLC PID control
  • Polymer pump pressure control with PLC PID control
  • PF-755 VFDs via Ethernet for extruder, polymer filter, spin pumps, exhaust blowers and fans
  • Motion control using PF-755 Ethernet drives with servo motors
  • Safety PLC used for all safety functions
  • Panel design and checkout
  • Construction documentation, installation support and engineering and process checkout