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Wastewater Pre-Treatment System Improvements for Facility Expansion


Foth was asked to evaluate an existing meat processing client’s wastewater pretreatment system to assess the impact of a proposed facility expansion and develop options to meet the additional production needs. The proposed production volume expansion included installation of two packaging lines, two trim lines, and increases in brine production, curing, smoking and chill operations.

Our evaluation focused on existing and future process wastewater flows and pollutant loads, existing capacity, pretreatment requirements, and the condition of existing system unit processes. The client asked Foth to prepare a summary of our evaluation including recommendations to address the additional capacity needs, process flow diagrams of the proposed solution, and related capital and operating costs. Upon completion of the evaluation, our team identified several opportunities to improve and optimize existing assets to enhance the performance of the Dissolved Air Flotation (DAF) system, while limiting modifications to the pretreatment building, mechanical and electrical systems. The client agreed to move forward with our recommended solution and we were selected to design and install it.


The design and installation of the improved DAF system required “outside the box thinking” to make the needed modifications. Our team needed to add flow equalization through the reuse and reallocation of existing assets, and modifications to the existing DAF air dissolving system and chemical program to enhance removal efficiencies, allowing for higher flow and loading throughputs. Our services were delivered through three phases:

  • Phase I: System review, evaluation, and recommendations
  • Phase II: Design services for recommended upgrades and modifications
  • Phase III: Installation of recommended system improvements to handle increases in flows and loads as a result of the production increases


Foth’s services for this project included wastewater design and engineering, site support, equipment procurement, and construction management. We completed all phases of the project on schedule and the client achieved their goal of optimizing existing assets and increasing performance and efficiency, with limited modifications to the existing wastewater pre-treatment plant building, mechanical and electrical systems.

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