Transforming Marine
and Waterfront Environments.

Effective water quality and coastal infrastructure management is critical to the protection, enhancement and enjoyment of one of our nation’s most valuable resources. Whether you need dredging, sediment management, or marine construction, Foth has you covered. Foth’s full service ports and harbors team provides:

Marine Infrastructure Engineering
Engineering solutions for one of our most valued areas – our waterfronts.

Sediment Management/Dredging
A recognized leader in North America in managing sediment, including beneficial re-use.

Permitting and Regulatory Compliance
In-depth knowledge and understanding of the regulations that pertain to our projects.

Construction Management
Building it as if we own it, through careful management of quality, budget, regulations and schedule.

Natural Resource Management
Achieving and sustaining a harmonious balance within environmentally sensitive and protected areas.

Geophysical Services Hydrographic/geophysical surveys to measure the physical, chemical and biological properties of water.

Grant Acquisition and Management
Proven professional assistance with funding strategies, application development, grant administration and special appropriation requests.

Expert Witness and Litigation Support Using our experience to support legal teams.


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