Anchor QEA contacted Foth to perform hydrographic, topographic, sediment sampling, sediment probing and shear vane test services for the project site located in Claymont, DE. Foth provided a topographic survey of the 10,000 square foot area of uplands.

The project coordination required both land side access for the topographic survey including upland probing, sampling, and shear vane testing and also water access via a nearby public launching ramp for the remainder of the work. Land side work includes a topographic survey of approximately 10,000 square feet along with the establishment of project control to known horizontal and vertical datums. The work included a hydrographic survey of approximately 1.6 acres, sediment sampling at six locations, push probing at twenty locations and shear vane testing at twenty locations. Foth utilized survey control at the site and performed a single frequency, single beam hydrographic survey.

The survey was performed utilizing an ODOM MKII 200KHz survey grade fathometer. Positions were recoded from a DGPS system that provides locations with sub-meter accuracy.