Foth’s Confidential Utility Client owns and operates the power generating station in Northeast Iowa. As part of the implementation of the Coal Combustion Residue (CCR) rules, the station is being converted from a wet to a dry ash handling system. Our client’s goal was to determine the most efficient, effective and compliant solution to dewater and close the final surface impoundment at NNEC.


Foth is leading the pond closure design efforts, including evaluation multiple closure options, including evaluation of innovative products that provide increased erosion protection and cost savings to install. In association with the design effort, Foth prepared a conceptual dewatering plan to address both unwatering (removal of free water) and dewatering (removal of entrained water) the pond to create a workable surface for installation of the selected closure cap. Foth’s construction quality assurance (CQA) services include verification of imported materials, documentation of component installation, verification of material properties, observation of constructed facilities, sample preparation and testing of materials, and assembling the data for use in developing construction documentation reports that clearly demonstrate the quality of construction and conformance to the construction documents and the CQA Plan.


Foth has worked collaboratively with the client’s team to maintain compliance with the Federal CCR rules and successfully continue operations. Foth’s innovative options allowed the client to select the most compliant, effective and efficient manner to successfully close the pond.