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Barley Kiln for processing barley - farming engineering solutions

Barley Kiln


Our client wanted to increase the capacity of an existing facility by adding a new barley kiln. The new kiln needed to be constructed seven stories in the air, directly above another kiln—and the existing six-story structure was not strong enough to support the additional load. Significant reinforcement was required throughout the structure to make constructing the new kiln possible.


Foth was responsible for the design of the kiln foundation, a new kiln fan room and the power supply. Structural modifications and integration designs for the new kiln were made to the existing structure. We also provided controls design and programming to tie the new kiln into the existing brew house controls system, allowing operations to manage the new kiln from their existing control room. Upon construction completion, Foth provided commissioning and startup support.


The new kiln extended the life of the client’s old kiln, which was used as a spare during maintenance checks and peak production periods. This helped reduce operating costs largely associated with energy consumption.



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