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Custom Machine Optimization for Capacity and Growth


Manufacturers experiencing growth face similar challenges when optimizing machinery for increased capacity – meeting demand without sacrificing quality, all while navigating a problematic supply chain. Our client was no exception.

When this established brand with a knack for innovation encountered these challenges, they decided to entertain a different approach. Seeing a chance to not only tackle their growth and capacity needs, they also took advantage of a prime opportunity to optimize their supply chain. This involved consolidating materials under one roof and building custom machines specific to their processes that would allow them to manufacture products more efficiently and reduce waste. And the best part is, they were able to do this while still growing their product line.


Faced with ever-growing demand for their products, and a need for regional supply, our client was searching for a way to increase production capacity. They looked to their existing suppliers to help meet the demand and found that they couldn’t keep up. After partnering with us, we collaborated to create custom machines and connected them to larger suppliers to meet the quantities required.

Performing the project design-build meant there was a single point of contact as we developed this complex solution, which expedited the timeline and reduced pain points for our client.

In each line, we implemented strategic buffers/accumulators so they could still run the front half or the back half of the line after a startup or breakdown had occurred. This way, they could clear up the issue and then the buffer/accumulator could start to feed the rest of the line, giving them more flexibility and control over their labor costs and product output.


With 175 individual assets designed, built, and installed, our client was able to optimize their supply chain by putting everything under one roof in a new 500,000 sq. ft. facility, and minimize their waste footprint by limiting the transportation of parts and pieces needed to build the product.

Both factors helped them raise the bar on technology and quality yet again. They are now building a higher quality product that is helping their marketing standpoint as well as their cost basis. They have been able to effectively expand their presence and position in a market where efficiency limitations had previously held them back.

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