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High Speed Soup Can Packaging engineering solution

High-Speed Soup Can Packaging


A large soup producing client was seeking an alternative to their traditional OEM led line design and integration projects. Foth was selected to provide an objective, engineer-led, line design and integration for a new high speed soup can packaging line. This project included the coordination and integration of multiple vendors, contractors and software platforms.


The project included a new line that would serve as the replacement of two existing lines. Foth was responsible for the overall line layout, the development of bid and final construction packages, and the overall integration of the line including start up and commissioning. Included in their  scope of work was the coordination and integration of new equipment such as a full can system, bright can accumulator, labeler, tray shrink and pad packers, new inspection systems, labeling, full carton system, and a new full case palletizer. Foth also supported this project with a full-time, on-site, construction manager.


  • Seamless engineering and construction resulted in on-time start up that exceeded ramp up curve.
  • Line was able to exceed production and efficiency goals of both lines that were replaced
  • Fit new packaging equipment inside an existing facility without any building modifications.
  • Successfully coordinated multiple OEM’s and providing construction management for multiple contractors.


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