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Iowa Department of Transportation On-Call Services


Our team has been hired to assume the role of an on-call consultant for the Iowa Department of Transportation (DOT ) in the areas of roadway design, traffic engineering, bridge design, and survey. Placing focus on improving Iowa’s infrastructure, our design professionals have completed hundreds of projects across Iowa with the Department.


In addition to typical design services, Foth is routinely engaged to help “pilot” technologies and services with the Iowa DOT to develop better systems and processes. Recent innovative efforts include developing new design standards and software for the Department for bridge and structure design, utilizing small unmanned aerial systems (sUAS) to capture survey data and imagery to gain efficiencies in the roadway design process, and 3D reality modeling.


Through our technical competencies and focus on quality, we remain one of Iowa DOT’s most trusted advisors in the area of transportation infrastructure design and technology practices.


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