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Louisville Muhammad Ali International Airport Runway 17R-35L and Taxiway A Lighting Improvements


The Louisville Muhammad Ali International Airport tasked Foth with completing a facility-wide assessment of lighting, signs, and electrical infrastructure on the airfield. The report identified an immediate need for improvements to Runway 17R-35L’s lighting system and the addition of taxiway centerline lights on the parallel Taxiway A. Foth designed both projects and bid them as one after it was determined to be operationally advantageous to do so.


Runway 17R-35L is the longest runway at SDF and is critical to the airport’s UPS cargo operations. Due to the operational need to keep the runway open and the criticality of Taxiway A, the project was divided into 18 separate phases. Work on the runway was restricted to series of four-day closures, beginning on Fridays and ending on Monday afternoons. Portions of Taxiway A had similar restrictions to allow access to a UPS apron.

The work involved a combination of concrete panel removal and replacement and lighting improvements, with many of the lights being in-pavement fixtures. Any panels that were removed were required to be replaced before the UPS Monday push. As a precaution against delays, temporary panels were cast and staged on site. If an issue arose with pouring back a panel in time, a temporary panel could be set.

For the work to be completed within the closure window, continuous communication with the contractor’s supervision and quality control teams was essential. Prior to each closure, pre-pour meetings were held to determine whether forecast conditions were favorable, material was ready, and crews were sufficiently staffed for the upcoming closure.


A total of 95 concrete panels were replaced, 44 of which involved accommodations for lighting base can installation and relocation. Along with design, construction phasing, and construction observation and administration, we provided NEPA documentation and grant funding strategy development for this project.



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