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Modernization of a High Volume Consumer Product Bottle Packaging Line

Modernization of a High Volume Consumer Product Bottle Packaging Line


A Fortune 50 company required modernization of a high-volume packaging line for their highest demand product. The purpose of a modernization project is to integrate new equipment to meet regulatory requirements and for new packaging configurations to meet marketplace needs. Due to the production value of this line, the execution of the project required precision to meet critical scheduling and minimize downtime. The scope of work included upgrading the system’s overall control, inspection/reject tracking and operator interface systems with current technologies.

Our client engaged us to review and evaluate the line’s overall performance and operation, before developing conceptual system architecture, a project master plan, and budgetary costs to implement the project. Based on the appropriation grade documents, projects were approved and funding was secured to implement all identified upgrades, creating a $10 million program/project.


Our team was responsible for developing an efficient line layout to maximize throughput and the plant’s first major platform change to Control Logix PLC and new safety technology. We also were responsible for the coordination and total integration of major equipment vendors from Europe who were required to standardize their PLC, safety, HMI and VFD platforms to conform to the client’s standards. We provided construction/installation documentation, supported the quality process for this GMP operation, provided construction management, and supported the production startup. We completed the project by training the operators/maintenance personnel on the new technology.


The line modernization resulted in the system meeting the required quality standards, increased productivity and operational efficiency, higher production speeds, and capabilities to produce new packaging configurations. The new control and safety system architecture allowed for improved systems maintenance and reduced capital costs by minimizing electrical wiring to I/O and VFD drives.

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