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Bottling Facility Engineering - New Beverage Product Launch

New Beverage Product Launch


A major US-based beverage company wanted to launch a new innovative marketing driven product. The product release date was critical, needing to be on the shelves to coincide with the peak vacation season.


Foth was awarded the design-build execution of the confidential project, including the design, procurement, installation and start up the bottle line. The bottle was uniquely shaped and had a pressure sensitive label, neither of which was familiar to the client. Given the tight project time frame, some prototype testing was done during design which forced a change in the equipment set, putting into motion a used / surplus equipment search. Foth was able to source a used gripper rinser and modify the line design to accommodate the different technology.


Foth was able to complete the installation on time and the client was able to get the product to market on the launch schedule, recognizing significant savings in marketing dollars. The client said that Foth “accomplished the impossible” given the tight timeframe.


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