Realize your property’s potential.

Cleaning up contaminated land and groundwater resources can be a complex and challenging journey: one that can delay your restoration plans for years. Foth can help you accomplish the required remediation in a safe, economical and timely manner, so that you can get to your goals sooner.

Whether we recommend a simple monitored natural attenuation strategy or a complete property transformation, Foth’s expert team of environmental engineers and scientists are committed to developing efficient, site-unique resource remediation and restoration strategies that meet your specific reuse needs. Time and again, our award-winning (and scientifically and mathematically reproducible) land management strategies have saved our clients years of costly and unnecessary treatment and monitoring.

Employing traditional tools and our own cost-effective methods and innovations, Foth continues to deliver quality assets with absolute integrity, proven strategies and sound science. Working together, we can bring your property back to life and help it become a viable, valuable asset