Our client created a standard manufacturing line that they planned to install in nine locations across five manufacturing sites in the U.S. A mechanical mezzanine was planned to support air and fluid handling equipment for the manufacturing line. The mezzanine, and the equipment it supported, needed to be identical at all locations. Additionally, all parts (both structural and mechanical) had to be prefabricated for installation at any site.


Foth created a 3-D model of the mechanical systems and the structural mezzanine that supports them.  The physical constraints at each site were considered as the mezzanine was designed. Because some of the sites are in regions of high seismic activity, the earthquake loads at each site were considered in the mezzanine design. Our 3-D structural model was used to complete the structural analysis and design.


By bidding and fabricating nine mezzanines simultaneously, the client was able to obtain favorable fabrication bids. The mezzanines were designed to be shop fabricated in modules that could be shipped to the site and quickly erected. Because the mezzanines were identical, they could be shipped to any site as construction schedules dictated.

Competency Used

  • Structural engineering
  • 3-D structural analysis and design
  • 3-D modeling and risk management
  • Knowledge of building codes and U.S. seismic conditions
  • Integration of drawings of air and fluid handling systems, piping and electrical systems