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Pharmaceutical Custom Machine Rev

Pharmaceutical Custom Machine


A major consumer products company in the healthcare industry developed a first-of-a-kind product that required a custom manufacturing process to bring the product to fruition.


Using our engineering and fabrication experience, we developed, designed, manufactured, and installed an advanced, automated manufacturing system to produce our client’s new tablet product.

We were tasked with supplying an automated production system consisting of tablet drilling, printing, inspection, and sorting. The custom solution required integration with “off-the-shelf” equipment, was subject to FDA validation requirements, and time to market was critical during the development and design phase.

At completion, the custom machine precisely located the product to allow printing, proprietary modifications, 100% inspection, and verification of rejects. Capable of processing up to 4,800 tablets a minute, the machine reaches 99% loading efficiency and uses an automated 32-point inspection process for quality control.

Follow-up factory acceptance and functionality testing validated both the quality of our work and compliance with customer needs. Thanks to our centralized approach to the project, a robust and high-performance automated production machine system was delivered and installed.


Foth was able to develop a fully integrated process that resulted in a manufacturing operation which met the client’s product launch needs. It allowed for high production efficiency, high product quality, and first-of-a-kind product/equipment in the marketplace.

We remain committed to delivering advanced automated machine solutions for manufacturing needs and have produced multiple systems like this one which handles worldwide production.



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