Upper Hudson River – Fort Edward & Troy, NY

Foth deployed two teams working 7 days a week to provide critical surveying and mapping data for the Hudson River Sediment Remediation Project – Phase 2 Operations. Approximately 3.3 million tons of dewatered sediment was removed from the Upper Hudson River in this project that the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency called a success and a national model. Foth’s services included multibeam, single-beam and land surveys, comprised of an existing conditions survey of the remaining design areas, cap surveys, Operation, Monitoring and Maintenance (OM&M) areas, habitat and shoreline surveys. At the close of the project, 100 percent of the PCBs targeted by EPA for removal – approximately 2.9 million cubic yards of sediment from a 40-mile stretch of river between Fort Edward and Troy, NY – were addressed. In addition to the “main stem” of the river, dredging crews removed sediments from a two-mile section of the river that was inaccessible by boat. The project team designed a creative approach to perform work in this area