Foth is working with the Owners of Fairhaven Shipyard Companies to develop, design, permit and construct marine infrastructure improvements for their facilities. To assess existing conditions, Foth compiled existing permits, licenses, and site surveys. Foth then performed a resource area delineation, hydrographic survey, topographic survey, borings and standard penetration tests to classify the soil conditions. Foth utilized the site data to develop designs for travel lift piers at 400 tonne capacity with the capacity for future use by a 600 tonne travel lift with an alternate wheel configuration. Foth worked with the Owners to evaluate the cost/benefit of various material designs (i.e. concrete vs. steel) for the travel lift piers.

Foth also developed plans for a concrete floating dock system to replace an existing timber pier to improve berth facilities for commercial vessels. Bulkhead re-placement was needed for approximately 300 lf along the solid filled wharf.

Foth performed soil borings and standard penetration tests as well as test pits to classify the soil conditions for use in design of a steel sheeting system with tie back rods. As part of the improvements, Foth developed a pressure wash water pretreatment system for the site and storm water improvements which were incorporated as part of the site work. Foth is also working with Fairhaven Shipyard to design cellular cofferdams for expansion of the service area of the shipyard. Foth routinely prepares permit applications and obtains required regulatory approvals for each of the shipyard’s projects, allowing them to proceed to construction.